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Different Types of Ice Cream Cones

1. Cake Cones
JOY #10 Flat Bottom Cake Cone - 720/Case
Cake cones, also referred to as wafer cones, are light, flaky, and subtly sweet. It's important to make sure that your cake cone isn't too bland, which risks a cardboard-like flavor, or too rich, which may over power the ice cream.

With the correct combination of flours, sugar, and shortenings, a mix, similar to cake batter, is developed to create the model cake cone. Ideal for kid's servings and samples to full sizes and double scoops, you'll find these will fulfill a wide variety of your needs. Made with pastry, cake, and tapioca flours, these cones are the perfect blend of sweet and crispy for a tasty counterpart to your ice cream creation!

2. Waffle Cones
JOY Regular Waffle Cone - 228/Case
For enhanced appearance and texture with your ice cream servings, waffle cones blend cake and pastry flours to produce their sweet and crunchy flavor. The addition of molasses or dark brown sugar to your cone batter provides the crispy, syrupy qualities, while fiber increases strength and reduces breakage.

Created with a conical shape and waffled exterior, these cones are designed to collect any drips, making them perfect for children and adults alike. With an assortment of sizes, shapes, and flavors, you'll have no problem finding the ideal waffle cone for your popular flavors!

3. Sugar Cones
JOY Gluten Free Sugar Cone - 96/Case
What's the difference between cake cones and sugar cones? Sugar cones tend to be sweeter and sturdier, while versatile cake cones are light and crispy, and come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes.

Sugar cones are a classic, yet slightly sweeter, substitute to your traditional cake cone flavor. By adding molasses or brown sugar to the baking process, you'll find these cones have a thicker, crunchier design, though they are generally smaller and darker in hue than cake cones or waffle cones. Plus, the blend of flour and fiber increases the strength and thickness of sugar cones.

Still caught in the cake cone vs. sugar cone dilemma? An added benefit of sugar cones is that their sturdier exterior and conical shape help prevent the cones from breaking and spilling your popular summer sweets!

4. Pretzel Cones
For a salted and crunchy alternative to your traditional cone flavor, pretzel cones provide an interesting twist that will delight your customers' taste buds. The mixture of wheat flour, sugar, and salt provides a durable, more savory foundation for some of your richer ice cream flavors. The lightly salted exterior is designed to highlight the sweetness of each of your flavors for a perfect complement to your frozen treats! Perfect for soft serve or hand-dipped ice cream, these cones are an ideal base for your 1-2 scoop desserts.

5. Waffle Bowls
JOY Waffle Cone Bowl - 60/CaseFor an edible base to your sundae and multiple scoop creations, we offer ice cream cone bowls. Your customers will no longer have to make the tough decision between a dish or a cone! Great for hand-dipped or soft serve ice cream, custard, or frozen yogurt, the waffle bowl is sturdy and does not get soggy, and can even be eaten once finished!

6. Chocolate Dipped
JOY Chocolate Dipped Flat Bottom Cake Cone - 120/Case
To add a hint of rich, chocolatey sweetness to any ice cream flavor, we offer chocolate dipped cones. Chocolate lovers of all ages won't be able to resist this added feature! Dunked in a creamy milk chocolate dip, these cones feature a rich, chocolate-coated rim.

The fresh, crispy, crunchy texture of these chocolate dipped cones combined with the chocolate coating is sure to tempt your customers into ordering another scoop! Great for boosting impulse buys, these cones will provide new, profitable menu items at your ice cream shop or cafe.

7. Kid Cones
JOY Kids Flat Bottom Cake Cone - 1260/Case
The ice cream itself is only half the fun! With kid cones, children can have the extra sweet treat with their ice cream, and these petite sizes let you serve the proper "kids scoop" portion. The cones fit perfectly in their hands, without creating a mess or an oversized portion. The petite size of these kids cones is also the perfect size for samples. Your patrons will love having the option of sampling your variety of fresh, hand-dipped or soft serve ice cream flavors in a delightfully small cone.

8. Twin Cones
JOY Twin Scoop Cake Cone - 180/Case
As a way to give your customers the perfect two-in-one treat, these twin cones offer room for multiple scoops of ice cream in one cone! Instead of stacked on top of each other, the two rounded cups display your scoops side by side, letting each flavor stand out on its own, while offering a picture perfect look. The cone's pointed bottom is classic and lets your customers easily hold up their dual scoops.

9. Jacketed
JOY #10 Flat Bottom Jacketed Cake Cone - 720/Case
A paper covering around your cone helps prevent messes and protects against outside contamination. Using these jacketed cones shows that sanitation is a priority in your ice cream shop or cafe and lessens the need for extra napkins. A jacketed cone presents your ice cream in a clean manner, ultimately keeping hands clean and the cone uncontaminated.

10. Ice Cream Sandwich Wafers
BoDeans by JOY 3 inch Chocolate Cookie Wafer - 810/Case
Expand your menu by turning any of your flavors into a delicious ice cream sandwich! These ice cream sandwich wafers offer a new and fun way for your patrons of all ages to enjoy the flavor versatility of sandwiching cookies with any of your ice cream options. Besides ice cream sandwiches, use these wafers to layer within your next ice cream cake, grind up to create cheesecake or pie crusts, or use broken ones as ice cream toppings.


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