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BIZBIZ, is the leading B2B online market from Dubai, UAE. In our Textile & Apparel section listed suppliers who are in the business of high-quality wholesale cloth, fashion clothing, and textiles.

Most of them target potential buyers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, and Africa

BIZBIZ market is a one stop shop for buyers who are constantly looking for luxury fashion boutiques. Our suppliers' products can be compared to the highest standards of Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, Milan, and Paris.

Clothing lines provide a wide range of suppliers who are in the clothing business. A few of our listing sub listing are wholesale textile, wholesale fashion, wholesale women, men, and children wear.

It is also an ideal marketplace for retail clothing lines. However, most of our buyers are in the business of wholesale purchasing. And yet, they take advantage of the bulk wholesale discount and resell to the retail market. 

The wholesale pricing of the products is based on the order quantity. Bulk discount is offered by the clothing suppliers to buyers, based on minimum order quantity, and the importing destination country.


BIZBIZ is the leading B2B Online apparel marketplace to find wholesale apparel and wholesale textile. Our love for fashion provides a more comprehensive, professional, and efficient approach. Overcoming outdated and cumbersome time-wasting methods of buying apparel goods.

BIZBIZ market offers easy navigation and is simple to use to achieve outstanding desired results. BIZBIZ market has adopted the state of the art, latest search technologies such as google analytics to attain such results.

In addition to that, the BIZBIZ market adds value services such as free Arabic translation of every product description. It also improves the image quality of the product before uploading and rigorous in-house testing before going online.

BIZBIZ market also has a B2B magazine and an online community to share their experiences and interact with each other. They can post questions and comments to make the entire experience worthwhile.

Our goal is that buyers from Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia. Also from emerging new markets such as Iran and Iraq. Share each other's strengths, create leads, trade effortlessly, scout for prospects, and even link with companies across the globe.


BIZBIZ marketplace serves as several clothing stores showcasing a true blend of Arabian and modern trending wholesale fashion. Online wholesale fabric, fashion, clothing, and textile where suppliers can showcase their products to cater to a wide variety of buyers. Ranging from Arabian and western fashions respecting local culture, traditions and at the same time providing bold and modern trends.

The modern growth of Arabian culture provides true inspiration for fashion designers and manufacturers of every category of apparel and accessories.

The motivating beauty of Arabian fashion styles is adopted all across the World. Even today, by World's leading brands, such as Burberry and Marc Jacobs, bringing out the best in men, women, and children.

Traditional Arabic fashion reflects their cultural values calling for modesty and humility, though styles and shades vary. The diversity of customs of Arabia dictate conservative costume for both men and women. Men wear long dresses covering their whole body.

This is believed to express equality and also goes with the hot weather of the country. Sometimes a white bisht or mishlah, black or brown hues, trimmed in gold, is also worn over the thobe.

Religion absorbed local veiling practice into its culture. With the passing trend, Abayas have become more colorful and fashionable. Arabian women wear a salwar kameez consisting of long and loose trousers worn with a long tunic.

Craving for boutique fashion and adaptation of modern trends in men, women, and children are widely accepted and coexists in harmony. In fact, Arabian fashion is considered to be an opportunity for world-class apparel manufacturers and suppliers.

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