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Belyov Pastila made of only thee components: baked in wood stove apples, egg whites an...
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Trademark "Omas Pastila" WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR Confectionery product made from fruits and berries. No added sugar. Contains natural sugar. 

Ingredients: apples, sea buckthorn. 

Nutritional value (average values *) per 100 g: protein 1.8 g; Carbohydrates 83.0 g. 

Energy (average values *) per 100 g: 339 kcal / 1418 kJ * Actual measured values may differ from the stated average values, which is typical for products made from natural raw materials. 

Net weight : 50.0 g 

Storage and shelf life: 12 months at +5 ºС to +25 ºC and relative humidity below 75%. Protect from direct sunlight.

Quality regulation 10.32.29-004-37352863-2018

- Promotes digestion - Made exclusively from naturally pure apples - Promotes kidney function - Strengthens the immune system - Apples contain vitamins А, С, Е, Р and В - Apples contain manganese, copper and herbal antibiotics

A healthy snack packed with benefits and flavors for all ages! The Belyov Pastila Manufaktur offers original delicacies for children and adults: Pastila rusks and smokwa - the traditional fruit leather made from apples, plums, etc.

What is that, actually?

Well, everything is clear with the rusk - although in this case it is not made from bread dough, but from egg white, sugar and apples, supplemented with honey, cinnamon and other tasty spices. Smokwa, on the other hand, raises many questions. Everything is very simple here! Smokwa is a traditional Russian specialty, a type of fruit leather that is made in Belyov according to the traditional recipe. For this you only use natural fruits, especially apples and berries. They are then dried in a special way over a longer period of time.

The fruit leather has a dense consistency. Outwardly and in terms of taste, it is similar to fruit gums, made from apples, for example. The pastila rusks and the fruit leather have some special features:

  • no chemical additives are added such as flavor enhancers, colorings, preservatives, other e-additives;
  • all products are made exclusively by hand, according to traditional recipes, without modern technical equipment;
  • the recipe of the confectionery from Belyov has remained the same for many years and continues to ensure high quality, taste and benefit.

Fruit leather and pastila rusks are perfect as a small meal in between - whether at work or at school. This treat is a healthy alternative to industrially made snacks.

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