Business Identity

Our corporate identity is the face and personality presented to the global community. It is as important as the products and services we provide. Between Our identity is the total effect of our logos, products, brand names, trademarks, advertising, brochures, and presentations— everything that represents us.

Because the brand cannot be compromised, we’ve created this guide to provide all the pertinent specifications we need to maintain its integrity. The guidelines set in this document are not meant to inhibit, but to improve the creative process. By following these guidelines, the materials you create will represent our company cohesively to the outside world. 

Conceptual background

BIZBIZ.BIZ operates in a competitive industry where the online trading makes or the brand of products sells itself. However only those who can offer the most comprehensive, best quality and most reliable products can evolve into a strong service brand. Companies that present a cohesive, distinctive, and relevant brand identity can create a preference in the business, add value to their products and services. 


Our vision is to create a marketplace where sellers can position their products in a global scale with confidence, trust, and transparency. Create a community of businesses that can be complementary, share each other’s strengths, create leads, trade effortlessly, scout for prospects, and even link with companies across the globe.

We always and constantly strive to excel and will be glad to hear from you Contact Us.