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Citisun Trading

Our organization is the center of a large distribution network that is responsible for bringing affordable, superior quality underwear to the Middle East and Africa region. Though our associated research and production facilities in South Korea and China, we bring carefully designed and manufactured undergarment to a large base of clients in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Products are supplied to market through strategic partnerships with prominent retail organizations in the Middle East and Africa region. Today, Citizen Trading Company is a leading distributor of quality innerwear and the sole distributor for SLUGGER. brand undergarments in the Middle East and Africa region. SLUGGER was one of the first innerwear brands to be introduced in the region. After over 21 years of market, SLUGGER commands a strong presence in the market and the brand is recognized as the ultimate in quality by end users in an era of cheap and low-quality undergarments. It remains the...


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