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BIZBIZ, is the leading B2B online market from Dubai, UAE. In our Consumer Electronics section, suppliers from around the World are listed who are in the business of high-quality, home appliances, electronics, computing and communication devices.

Most of the sellers in this category target potential buyers in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, and Africa. 

Our consumer electronics category has a variety of products such as smartphones, tablets, high definition televisions, computers, laptops, home appliances, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, Washing machines & Refrigerators.

It is also an ideal marketplace for retail consumers of electronic items. However, most of our buyers are in the business of wholesale. And yet, they take advantage of the bulk wholesale discount and resell to the retail market. 

The wholesale pricing of the products is based on the order quantity. Bulk discount is offered by the clothing suppliers to buyers, based on minimum order quantity and the importing destination country.


BIZBIZ is the leading B2B Online consumer electronics marketplace. Our love for electronic gadgets that can enhance and entertain provides a more comprehensive, professional, and efficient approach. Overcoming outdated and cumbersome time-wasting methods of buying electronic goods.

BIZBIZ market offers easy navigation and is simple to use to achieve outstanding desired results. BIZBIZ market has adopted the state of the art, latest search technologies such as google analytics to attain such results.

In addition to that, the BIZBIZ market adds value services such as free Arabic translation of every product description. It also improves the image quality of the product before uploading and rigorous in-house testing before going online.

BIZBIZ market also has a B2B magazine and an online community to share their experiences and interact with each other. They can post questions and comments to make the entire experience worthwhile.

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