1. What Is BizBiz.Biz?

By redefining the idea of B2B networking, BizBiz.Biz platform has changed the way suppliers are selected by buyers. With data from 2000+ companies and 1000+ categories, our platform is constructed to aid companies to select suppliers, request for proposals, and recognize global businesses. We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Please contact us for more information about BizBiz.Biz.

2. Is BizBiz.Biz Involved with the Transaction Process, Is There a Fee?

We do not charge any commission or fee for any buyer to contact a seller for buying. A buyer can contact a seller directly as their contact info is available and public. We only charge an annual membership fee to register as a seller.

Our memberships are namely Silver, Gold and Platinum and the 4th option is customized membership made specifically to a seller’s unique requirements. Please click here for more details. In case venders use the BizBiz.Biz payment gateway for any money transactions from customers directly to their account, then depending on the membership type, we have a 3-8% commission when venders use our payment gateway.

3. How Do I Know Who to Connect With?

You will know precisely which companies are best for you using our smart search algorithm. By using your location, preferred industries, and search trends, you can achieve the desired business deal based on the targeted results. We will make your supplier selection process smarter and more efficient. Based on your preferences, you will receive the right completed supplier profiles and control.

4. What Are RFP's and RFQ's

Short for Request-For-Proposals/Quotes, RFP’s and RFQ’s are your bread-and-butter business pitches that allow you to send pitches centered on your product and brand. This includes the quantities you have, what you are selling and being a buyer, you can also enquire about sourcing goods.


For any question or query, please drop us a line or call us on +971 600 50 3032.